Quick Built Container

Quick built container is a kind of steel structure module which can be built quickly in the place of use. It is more free in size comparing to flat pack containers and cheaper in price. It can be built quickly and relocated by replacing some parts. It is
  • Movability: Portable
  • Class: Low-cost
  • Structure: Modular
  • Type: Temporary
  • Application: Dorm, mobile classroom, office, accomodation, refugee camp
  • Description

    Quick Built Container

    -Steel structured Modular Units-

    Standard size in our workshop. Can be customized

    -Quick Details-

    Our Quick built container is a kind of container module connected by bolts with all the parts pre-manufactured in the factory.  It can be delivered as spare parts in shipping containers to save the freight and installed when needed.  This building system is quite flexible to be used as temporary dorms, offices, classrooms, stores, restaurants and many functions alike, suitable for low-rise prefab building projects no taller than 3 storeys.   It is quite flexible as to the sizes, functions and quite easy to install onsite. 






    -Easy installation
    -Quick construction
    -Strong in structure-Earthquake proof & Hurricane Proof


    -Flexible combination
    -All parts pre-manufactured in the factory