Mirrome- Luxury Prefab Container home

With different facade and interior design, a simple steel structured container home can be of various appearance and give different feeling to the people who live in.  It is very suitable for non-standard residence such as holiday or glamping home.
  • Movability: Portable
  • Class: Luxury
  • Structure: Steel Structure
  • Type: Semi-permanent
  • Application: Holiday Home, Leisure Resort, Private Residence
  • Description

    Luxury Container Home

    -Prefab Manufactured Home-

    -Quick Details-

    Mirrome is a manufactured container home-100% manufactured in the workshop with all the functions ready to use when delivered onsite. When you need them to be appear in your backyard, just buy it like buying a manufactured car.  

    This one is with size of 3*8m.  There are a few sizes available, 3*3, 3*8,4.5*8.... actually it can be customized because it is not made of used shipping containers from our workshop. We made it from brand new steel modules which ensure the duration and strengh of the material. As long as it complies with your local transportation rules, we can make it to the size to your need!

    This one is called Mirrome because we made the facade with mirrors. There are quite a few options for the facade beyond- wood, stone, banboo, or composite board. 


    5-star Interior 


    -Project Show-


    Shanghai City


    Backyard home stay guest house




    A tiny house in the scenic area