Holland Glass House-Luxury Manufactured Tiny House

As a spacious prefabricated tiny home, the total floor area of it is about 50sqm. It is completed in the factory from exterior to interior, comfortable and eco-friendly. It can be use as your residence, a guest house or a handcraft store!
  • Movability: Portable
  • Class: Luxury
  • Structure: Steel Structure
  • Type: Semi-permanent
  • Application: Holiday Home, Leisure Resort, Private Residence
  • Description

    Holland GlassHouse 
    Luxury Tiny House

    -Prefab Manufactured Home-

    -Quick Details-

    The glass house is 100% manufactured in the workshop like cars are, sized 11000*4500*4200mm with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 loft, 1 living room and 1 open kitchen.   Steel structure make it solid as a whole, strong enough to resist earthquake and typhoon.  All the material used for building it are eco-friendly, making it comfortable and healthy to live in.  

    5-star Interior


    Multi-space interior


    The design makes different spaces connecting with each other smoothely. 
    The height of 3410mm net make the whole house quite spacious.  Stair case connecting the loft makes the space diversified, making it more interesting to stay. 


    Tiny Loft as a small Bedroom

    Highest part of the loft is 1310mm with an oblique roof.  All the lights and wide glass windows make the whole space quite bright and spacious.  

    This loft can be also used as a work space, or meditation space or any function suitable, like your pet's home for instance.