Foldable Container Building Module

As strong as flatpacked container modules, foldable container module is for much easier installation, while maintain its features like relocatable, multiple time folding and long life span.  It is widely used to build affordable buildings like hospitals,
  • Movability: Portable
  • Class: Low-cost
  • Structure: Modular
  • Type: Temporary
  • Application: Hospital, residence, school, dorm, mobile classroom, office, accomodation, refugee camp
  • Description

    Flat Pack Container

    -Steel structured Modular Units-

    -Quick Details-

    Flat pack containers are used as basic modules for many kinds of prefab buildings, such as temporary dorms, offices, classrooms, stores, restaurants and many functions alike.
    All the modules are manufactured within our factory under the same standard, making it possible to stack up neatly with different combination.  It is quite flexible as to the functions and quite easy to install on site. 





    External length 20’/ (inner length) 20’: 6.055m/(5.851m)
    External width/ (inner width): 2.435m/(2.231m)
    External height/inner height: 2.790m/(2.510m)
    Tare: 1950 Kg




    -Easy installation
    -Quick construction
    -All terrain suitable 
    -Earthquake proof


    -Flexible combination
    -Manufactured in the factory
    -Hurricane Proof
    -Termite Proof

    Containers can be delivered assembled or individually in kits 648 mm high. 4 kits can be bundled in packages 2591 mm high (ISO dimensions)