Customized LGS framed house

Item No.: LGS000
LGS stands for Light Gauge Steel. LGS framed home is with similar structure as timber framing with many advantages comparing with traditional structured building.
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What is LGS framed home? 

LGS stands for Light Gauge Steel. LGS framed home is with similar structure as timber framing with many advantages comparing with traditional structured building. The steel used usually have a few standards coping with different area's regulations of the world. Every single part of the frame have to be designed and cutted precisely using high-tech digital cutting machine to make the whole frame a structurally strong entirety which enable this type structured houses especially suitable for places with high risk of earthquack, horricane or tornado. 

What more features are attracting people to go for this structured home are named below:

1. Provides resilience against natural disaster including earthquake.
2. Reduces the number of pilling pile used due to its lightweight material.
3. Helps manage the construction period.
4. Requires less labors as it is easy for installation.
5. Free of welding that can cause spark.
6. Reusable via structure disassembling.
7. Offers environmental protection by decreasing the waste product in the construction area.
8. Reduce the greenhouse effect by saving the energy released from air conditioner in the building
9. 100% Termite and mold proof
10. "Lgs" Steel frame are engineered with unparalleled accuracy and strength
11. Engineered to be dimensionally accurate, "Lgs" Steel frame will not wrap, sag or shrink, reducing the risk of cracked walls and wavy roof lines.
12. The roof locks to the wall and the wall locks to the slab the whole thing locks together.


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Steel v.s. Timer framed home- things people are worrying about

We have collected the following data from the Q&A part in a forum where the following question was being asked by an Australian owner-builder in 2015 and some of the articles from the website:
Hi All,
Just looking to build a house for the first time and was thinking of Steel Frame House. Does anyone have experience with this? It will be much appreciated if someone living in a steel frame house can shed some light on it.
Things to consider or being worried between these two types of framing:

1-Termite infection

If you stay in an area with easy explosion of such creature, going timber framed will need periodic termite inspections or you and your house will be in danger! In this situation steel framing can be considered to avoid more attraction of termites.

2-Mobile P
hone Reception

Steel framed house won’t affect getting mobile phone reception inside. Neither the timber frame.

3- Thermal Insulation
The steel transmits heat faster than wood.  In this case timber houses seem to win it's reputation more.  But dont forget nowadays we have many ways to compensate this flaw of steel framing by using many kinds of high-tech building materials combined with it.  Check here: 

4-Interior Wall Bearing

If you want to wall mount TV or heavy objects you need to strengthen the area with additional framing to handle the weight for light steel framed and timber framed house. 

5-Construction time and labor needed

U.S. Census Bureau states that one Timber framed house needs more time on site, averagely 6 and a half months, this is the so-called stick built home, needing more labor force.  Most of steel framed house parts on the other hand can be prefabricated in the factory and the installation will be much easier thus save more time and labor force.  In some cases when you want to rebuild your home after a disaster, some insurance companies will require a strict rebuild time frame, you will more likely to choose the prefab steel framed housing project in this case which averagely need 3.5-5 months to complete. 

6-Weather Influence
The construction could be delayed for timber framed houses subject to weather conditions as it's entirely constructed on site, and it means the frame timber can get moist and wrap which need to wait until it's totally dried to enter the next procedure.  

Steel framed houses goes more of modular way and more likely to avoid such problem while most of it's parts are built in a climate-controlled factory. 

7- Exterior Appearance
There are endless options of customization of the two kinds of frames for how they will look like. That is to say, there virtually no difference at all from their appearance.  You’ve probably been in many modular buildings(including LGS framed) before without ever realizing they weren’t built the traditional way.