Mmoon Prefab House 沐千屋 | Low-rise Prefab Building Design.Manufacture

Case Category
Star View serves in Glamping site In Pingtan of Fuzhou City
Star View the smart home is a luxury prefab home designed with 2 years' RND. Most parts of it is non-standard with unique shape. Very comfortable stay given by its good performance.
Star View as Leisure Resort Holiday Home In Sichuang
Star View as Leisure Resort Holiday Home In Sichuang
Prefab Clinic and Ward
Prefab clinic & ward built by flat pack containers for an European client.
Prefab Office By Flat Pack Containers
Project: Prefab Office
System: Flat pack container modular system
Guanyun Hospital of Lianyungang City
Client: Guanyun County Hospital of Lianyungang City
Project:Modular Hospital
System applied: Flat pack container modular
Construction Site Prefab Office By Flat Pack Containers
Client: POWER CHINA Sinohydro Bureau 5
Project: Onsite office
Location: Nanjing
System: Flat pack container modular system
Hubei Wufeng Duling Genting Hotel
Service:Planning + Design + Manufacture + Installation
Type:Various Series
Service period:4 months
Shanghai General Hospital Isolation Wards
A fever outpatient ward project with 1400sqm, 70 modular units for fighting against the COVID-19 emergency, built in only about 20 days in the early of 2020.
Shanghai 6th People's Hospital Isolation Ward
28 modular units-2 storied building completed in 20 days!
It is a negagive pressure isolation ward project for taking in the NOVEL CORONA VIRUS patience.
Jiande Kaiyuan Fangcaodi Resort
Service: Architectual design+Manufacture+installation
Model type: Tree Top series
Service Period: 4 months
Modular mobile home built with our Treetop series in the forest as a leisure resort.
Anren Overseas Chinese Town Flower Expo Leisure Resort
Beehive and flowers- cant resist this beautiful conbination! This little town is built with our Treetop series and Beyond Series modular mobile homes.
Hangzhou Kaiyuan Shenbo Resort
Built with Tree Top and customized House tree serious prefabricated homes, Kaiyuanshenbo resort has won a very good reputation by wonderful stay experience.
Anren Overseas Chinese Town Linpan Leisure Resort
Service:Planning+Architectural Design + Manufacture + Installation
Home Style:X+B+S Series
Service period:3 months
Shanghai Disneyland Linjia Glamping Site
Service:Planning+Architectural Design + Manufacture + Installation
Home Style:X+S Series
Service period:3 months
Disneyland Glamping site is one of the most successful project using our Xtra serious modular mobile homes as camping hotel rooms.
This tiny container house was designed as a vacation apartment though small but has almost all the functions a typical house can have due to its flexible space design.
Glamping home for Shanghai Chongming Client
This is a well designed, practical container home sized 3 * 6m. Different sizes of main body can be made according to the needs. Luxurious interior and solid and beautiful appearance, into the specific natural environment, so that the cottage has become a
LGS Framed Home Waterford
-4 workers
-1 month
-120 sqm
LGS Hotel Apartment 2017-2
This Light Gauge Steel Framed Apartment project was finished in 2017
Temporary Office & Dorm by flat pack containers
Client: CNMC China 15th Metallurgical Construction Group
Project name: Construction site Temporary Office
Location: Jiangxi Province